We believe in clarity and candour, open dialogue and accountability.

Experience has taught us that a straightforward exchange and honest feedback help us to refine what needs refining, and keeps the destination in focus.
Our job is to remove obstacles; we don’t let ego get in the way.
We’re less about imposing our ideas, and more about realising yours.
We’re there for our clients whenever, and however, they need us to be.
We also bring transparency to our design work, creating distinctive brand stories that are honest and human. That engage with thoughts and emotions, and connect with your audience.

Our Culture

Possibility energises us, and we relish the chance to transform potential into action.

We thrive on delivering great work that contributes meaningfully to cultural discourse.

Most meaningful is the mutual growth in ourselves and our clients through learning, working and understanding.

Our People

Chris Starr
Owner / Creative Director

Makework owner and design director Chris Starr has over seventeen years design experience and has worked in the creative departments of both private and public companies including the Queensland Art Gallery / Gallery of Modern Art, with seven years as lead designer from 2001–08. From 2009 to 2013, Chris was co-owner and design director of a boutique Melbourne design studio before, in late 2013, establishing Makework.

Chris has undertaken projects nationally forming close working relationships with clients in Canberra, Brisbane and Melbourne including the National Gallery of Australia, Museum of Australian Democracy, Australian War Memorial, Museum of Brisbane and the University of Melbourne. Chris has won numerous awards from Museums Australia, Design Institute of Australia and the Brisbane Art Directors Club.

Our Recognition


MAPDA / 2019 – Exhibition Brand Package (Level B) – Highly Commended

MAPDA / 2019 – Exhibition Brand Package (Level B) – Highly Commended

Basic Plumbing Services Skills
ABDA / 2017 – Best Designed Educational Tertiary Book – Winner

The River: A history of Brisbane
MAGNA / 2014 – Permanent Exhibition or Gallery Fitout (Level 1) – Winner


Artlines (08–10)
MAPDA / 2010 – Magazine & Newsletter – Winner

Katharina Grosse: Picture Park
DIA Qld / 2008 – Literature Design – Gold
DIA Qld / 2008 – Award of Excellence (Category Winner)

Brought to Light II: Contemporary Australian Art 1966–2006
BAD / 2007 – Graphic Design, Books – Bronze

Kiss of the Beast: From Paris Salon to King Kong
DIA Qld / 2006 – Literature Design – Commendation
MAPDA / 2006 – Catalogue – Highly Commended
BAD / 2006 – Graphic Design, Books – Gold
APDA / 2006 – Best Designed Book – Commendation

Sparse Shadows Flying Pearls: A Japanese Screen Revealed
DIA Qld / 2006 – Literature Design – Gold
MAPDA / 2006 – Catalogue – Winner
APDA / 2006 – Best Designed Book – Commendation

Artlines: Art & People (05–08)
MAPDA / 2005 – Magazine & Newsletter – Winner
Max Gimblett: The Language of Drawing
DIA Qld / 2005 – Literature Design – Finalist
AAMPDA / 2005 – Magazine – Honourable Mention

Story Place: Indigenous Art of Cape York and the Rainforest
AAMPDA / 2005 – Catalogue – Honourable Mention

Darkness & Light: The Art of William Robinson
MAPDA / 2001 – Catalogue – Highly Commended
AAMPDA / 2001 – Catalogue – Honourable Mention

AAMPDA — American Association
of Museum Publication Design Awards

ABDA — Australian Book Design Association

APDA — Australian Publishing Design Awards

BAD — Brisbane Art Directors Club

DIA — Design Institute of Australia

MAPDA — Museums Australia: Multimedia & Publication Design Awards